30 years of quattro explained

2010 is the 30th anniversary of Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive and, by extension, the Audi quattro (the car) itself. In recognition of this, Audi announced today that it will be taking a selection of its classic vehicles to an “unusually large” quantity of motorsport events in an effort to promote the marque’s heritage.

This is a nice gesture, and it’s an acknowledgment that Audi owes its modern fortunes to the virtues of all-wheel drive. And while automotive anniversaries seem to come around once every fifteen minutes, we figured a look at the beginning of Ingolstadt’s modern history was a nice way to close out the week. To read the full article make sure to visit the source, Jalopnik. On a side not for Jalopnik, “quattro” is not capitalized unless at the start of a sentence, but i didn’t know that until about a year ago and I have been with the company almost 9 years.

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