A Day In The Life… Of Guinness.

So with Spring in the air and the sun shining through for days on end, I thought it was timely for a break from all this Audi talk, and a hello from Guinness, The French. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Guinness, he is our French Bulldog, and he has just recently turned 4. This picture is an example of how Guinness prefers to spend his days – sleeping in the rays of sunshine, streaming through the doors and windows! He will actually move around our house with the sun and will give up his comfy bed for a spot in the heat of the sun. It is very cute and he seems to have mastered this sun-seeking trait! It seems as soon as the sun comes out everyone is so much happier and Guinness is no exception. Enjoy the sunshine and have a great weekend!

Guinness The French

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