A Taste Of Spring In Portland Oregon

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon this Monday in Portland, Oregon. We decided to enjoy the first taste of Spring with a cup of coffee and our dog Guinness, who loves to lounge around in the sun. He generally starts out by watching the various people go by, but before long we can see his eyes start to get heavy and he dozes off in the heat of the sun.

Guinness in the Sun

It’s pretty amazing what you can see when you stop for a few minutes. Usually we are in such a rush that we walk by the same things day after day and never really see anything… we were sitting on these!
Bricks in Pioneer Square

Guinness, as much as he loves the sun, has a pretty short attention span and was ready to go. He has a pretty distict way of letting us know when he wants something… he will just go and get it. In this case, he just started to head home. Jumped off the ledge soon after this and marched on as though he knew exactly where he was going. He probably does.
Guinness In Pioneer Courthouse Square

In a few short months Pioneer Square will be filled with people all hovered over the numerous chess boards laid in the stones we were sitting by. It is a great sight and really makes me feel like summer has arrived. If you have a chance on a sunny day, grab a coffee and spend a few minutes to really take it all in. It’s well worth it!
Chess Piece

Also, if you have a dog or are just looking for a great place to show off some pictures of your four-legged friends, check out PDX Dog . This is a great website, especially for dog-lovers!

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