A3 TDI® Clean Diesel // Audi Knows Green

A3 TDI clean diesel with S tronic front wheel drive starting at $29,950

• Second U.S. clean diesel offering from Audi within a year
• EPA estimated highway 42 mpg offers unmatched efficiency in luxury car segment
• Luxurious features and amenities without compromise

The 2010 Audi A3 Clean Diesel is true luxury. In the United States we often forget that the idea of Diesel is more then just an efficient green alternative to gas, it is the next level of luxury. With the A3 TDI starting price of $29,950 you can afford to add all the options you want. The Cold weather Package is $500, Sport Package is $1,400 and the panoramic glass roof is only $1,100, what more could you want. The Diesel A3 is a great city car, compact and easy to maneuver and on the highway with 42 miles to the gallon and the highest safety ratings in the industry; it might just be the perfect car.

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