Andy White “Tweet That!” @Audi

We’re sure many of you have heard by now of the antics of one Andy White of late. For those of you who don’t know who is he, he is the Senior Social Media Manager for Audi and the mastermind behind Audi’s recent “Safe Driving Pledge” action. Turns out though while he does support it from a professional stance – he does not practice what he preaches! White is currently being slammed online for a picture he posted to Twitter showcasing his “in-car multitouch connected enabled mobile office” while driving and photographing it from his phone. Perhaps it is somewhat of a faux pas for us to think this really isn’t that big of deal considering that if we are all really honest each of us do something that would likely be considered unlawful in our cars – answering the phone without our beloved Bluetooth, changing songs on our iPods, texting “c u soon” really quickly at a stop light, etc, etc, etc… Granted White should probably not have broadcast it to the masses, but can you really fault a guy for doing so when it is his literally his job to be socially present??

If we let ourselves get past the outrage of those instantly willing to bash anyone and anything online – its actually pretty funny. Lets hope he was stopped at a light or rolling at a snails speed home on his commute or something that makes it ok to post what he did – but even if he wasn’t, lets hand it to the guy for having the guts to post something so ridiculous and antagonistic that he may very well lose his job over it. Andy White – we support your not so safe driving habits in the spirit of being human in a world completely over run by technology that we feel the need to post every possible last detail of our lives to some sort of media outlet. Next time we hope you pull over completely before engaging in your “in-car multitouch connected enabled mobile office” but if you ever want to connect with us, we’ll be on ours too. Here’s the original article on OregonLive should you like some additional details.
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