Another Non-US Audi A1 – Hint, Hint Audi We Want it!

We know it may seem slightly repetitive to keep talking about the Audi A1 – but we just can’t help how much we love this vehicle! So much in fact, that when there is any new news about it, we feel obligated to spread the word! So that is just what we are going to do. Not that it will likely make any difference to any of us seeing this little machine in the US, but at least it is still ok to live vicariously through others. This time, those others happen to be the lucky folks in Tokyo who had the opportunity to catch the unveiling of the A1 Sportback at the Tokyo Auto Show. It is expected to be available in early 2012 in Europe, of course, and is aimed at the “young, urban public.” Not that we would expect anything less from Audi – but it is a very cool and sporty – and though we may not speak for everyone, but with no plans to be released in the US, we are a bit sad about this. Click to catch some of the specs on the A1 Sportback and dream about living in Europe, for more than one reason or another!!
4 door Audi A1

Pictures Make It Better!!!
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