Another Reason We Love Sasha Grey!

We probably don’t have to explain who this person is to most people – but despite already being one of our favorites – in her field – there is now more reasons to love Sasha Grey!! She is helping the youth of our newest generations with the “Read Across America” project – and of course is taking a lot of heat in the process. Parents are outraged and the school she was supposedly reading at has said she was never actually there to begin with – but despite all the speculation… pictures never lie! Right??? We love you Sasha! And we especially love that while you are teaching the youth of America the wonders of the written word – you have also found a way to represent Audi in the process, and for that, we love you even more. Keep up the great work! If you want catch the full article: click. Sasha also proudly Tweeted about the experience on her Twitter account.
Sasha Grey Audi

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