Are Men or Women Better at Parking? Test: Audi A6 .

  • Female Scientist Confirms Men Are Better At Parking Than Women ( Audi A6 used in Scientific Test)

  • Please don’t hate me I am just going sharing what I found and giving my opinion. AOL Autos published an article from a study done by Dr. Wolf of Germany’s Ruhr University on how men are “better” at parking them women. Now I don’t think it is fair to say that men are better simply because they park quicker then women, as long as they both get the job done then I have to say they are equal. Alright I have only been married for two years so I want to make sure the door is unlocked when I get home. Read the article for yourselves, thank you Ruhr University for choosing to conduct this study in the worlds #1 selling mid-sized vehicle, the Audi A6.
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