Audi 2G MMI VS: Audi 3G MMI

When looking at a 2G Audi MMI system and a 3G Audi MMI system, unless you know what to look for, you could not tell them apart. First, the hardware is slightly different from an appearance standpoint as the 3G has a small joystick control and the 2G does not. With a 7 inch screen in the center of the dash, it is also bigger then the previous 2G at only 6.5 inches. The major changes have been made with the MMI (Multi Media Interface) user media & interface capabilaties. Leaving the 3 dimensional capabilaties of the navigation aside, you can now play DVD movies from the screen in the cockpit. The resolution on the screen has been improved 4X so the image is crystal clear. Also, with the Bluetooth phone directory you can have up to 2,000 entries where as with the 2G you could only have 160. Additionally, you no longer need to train for voice tags. Again, for today I will leave it at this and offer anyone with any additional information to feel free to leave your comments.
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This is a spreadsheet with the 2G VS: THE 3G MMI in detail.
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3G MMI control panel with center joystick.
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2G MMI control panel without center joystick.
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2009 Q5 3G MMI equipted with navigation and 7 inch screen.
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2009 A4 without navigation and 6.5 inch screen
I created this post to help people understand the advancements that Audi is making in this field. I will continue to showcase informative content in order to be your top source for Portland Oregon Audi.

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