Audi 3G MMI + iPod Bluetooth Adapter

Everyday I learn something new and today I learned something from a loyal reader of . I will leave the reader anonymous but will thank him greatly for his input and diligent research on this much discussed topic. With such a great response from the original topic of the Bluetooth adapter and the 2G MMI the question has been “Will the Bluetooth adapter work with the 3G MMI?” Read the E-Mail I received and find out! Thank you again for your much appreciated response.

“I used my iPhone 3GS as a media source.”
Audi Blue Tooth Adapter
“You are 100% correct in that it doesn’t work with the 3G MMI system. When you plug it in and navigate through the MMI to “Media” then “Source” it simply reads “not recognized” beside AMI on the MMI screen. The iPhone recognized the Bluetooth adapter and paired with it, but the adapter was not compatible with the 3G system.”
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“It worked quite nicely with the 2G MMI system in a Q7 that we tried afterward. There was just a slight delay of a second or two for the information to transfer via Bluetooth, but sound quality was good. You could also listen to other audio sources from the iPhone such as video or YouTube. I’ve read reports from other users that even Bluetooth compatible portable GPS units will transfer audio to the AMI Bluetooth adapter.”
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“Having tried it now, I think if it had worked in the Q5 I would have decided against it. Directly plugging the iPod (or iPhone) into the AMI gives you all of your song and playlist information, as well as control of the iPod via the MMI controls in the centre console and via the steering wheel. The Bluetooth adapter didn’t offer any of these features. It had very limited controls via the MMI. It seemed to be more of a generic interface, designed for the control to be at the Bluetooth compatible device you are using.”
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“I hope this feedback was helpful.”

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