Audi: 40 years in America – Highlights and Lowlights

Audi: 40 years in America
Audi is celebrating 100 years as a manufacturer and 40 years selling cars in the United States. Here are highlights and lowlights of the brand’s time in America. October 1969: Audi enters the market as the Porsche + Audi division of Volkswagen of America.
History Of Audi
1969: Audi Super 90 debuts in the United States.
1970: Audi 100 debuts.
1973: Audi Fox joins the lineup.
1984: U.S. sales climb 49% over prior year to 71,237 units.
1985: U.S. sales reach 74,061 cars.
1986: “60 Minutes” program charges that Audi 5000 suffers from “unintended acceleration.”
1989: NHTSA finds no defects in Audi 5000.
1991: Audi of America near death as sales slid to 12,283.
1994: U.S. comeback strategy launched.
1996: Aluminum spaceframe Audi A8 debuts.
1999: TT roadster/coupe debut.
2000: Sales reach 80,372, passing level achieved in 1985, before “unintended acceleration.”
2002: A4 sedan debuts.
2006: First crossover, the Q7, goes on sale.
2007: Audi U.S. sales reach record 93,506 units.
2008: The brand’s first true sports car, the R8, debuts.
Source: Diana T. Kurylko

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