Audi A1 Hybrid – Am I Missing Somthing?

Since the fall of 2009, Audi has led a serious march of concept cars and prototypes to establish solid electric credibility. A red R8-based e-tron concept car debuted in Frankfurt last September, followed by a second nearly identical orange e-tron in L.A. At the 2010 Detroit show , Audi showed a different e-tron sportscar concept loosely based on the mid-engine transverse layout chassis being considered by the Volkswagen Group for models from Audi, VW and Porsche, though this smaller e-tron is less likely to see production (as an e-tron at least) than the R8-based car. Finally, earlier this month in Geneva, Audi pulled the wraps off of an A1-based e-tron model and an A8 Hybrid design study. Make sure to go to Fourtitude to read the entire article.
Audi Ai Hybrid
Audi Ai Hybrid

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