Audi A3 Diesel TDI Fuel Economy // The Best Diesel

Thank you Audi for bringing the 2010 A3 diesel TDI into North America, we have been waiting. No matter what anyone says the front track A3 Diesel is great to drive, really this is an Audi I immediately fell in love with after only one drive. I will get more into my driving impesions and the true joy of the A3 but for now I will leave you with the first impression, the window sticker. Not only is the price point on the A3 Diesel TDI great but the fuel economy is jaw dropping. At up to 50 mpg everyone looking for fuel economy will discount the Japanese Hybrids and think Diesel. If you have ever owned or had any experience with a diesel vehicle feel free to give me some feedback I would love to hear it.
Audi A3 Diesel TDI fuel economy
Audi A3 Diesel TDI fuel economy

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