Audi A5… The wheels on the bus

Well it’s about to be that time of year again when school zones come back in to effect, back packs are full of new pens and pencils and big yellow buses slowly maneuver the streets. We figure that the best way to navigate the coming weeks is to be settled into your own sanctuary, inside the comforts of your Audi, of course. Whoever this guy is, has the right idea and though we don’t claim to be the most patient of folks, we know that with the right tools at our fingertips, even the most impatient of individuals can buy a few minutes while crawling at 20 MPH through a light! We hope you’ve all had a great summer and we look forward to many Fall inspired Audi pics. It is, after all, our favorite time of year. Have a great day.
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Audi R8, Dust in the wind…
Audi RS4, Reflection.