Audi A6 Wagon – Perfect For a New Family

My friendships have been on my mind a lot lately and I found this picture was pretty fitting – bare with me here. A friend of my wife and mine contacted us on Facebook letting us know she and her husband were coming back into town and they would be in the market for a new Audi; either a Q7 or an A4 Avant. Now I couldn’t get over it – the Q7 seemed a little big though they are expecting a new addition to the family (Congratulations!) and they do have 2 Bulldogs and the A4 seemed a little small. I mentioned the Q5 with not much response but the Audi A6 Wagon might just be perfect!. The A6 Avant really is the perfect balance of performance, luxury and cool and they are rare so all that much more appealing. I have not told our friend yet that I think she and her husband should get an A6, I am going to surprise them with it when they come in to drive cars – I really think they will love it.
Audi A6 Wagon

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Audi A1- The Next Big Thing Movie #6
Ultra Low Audi A4 Avant // Ultra Sexy!!!