Audi A7 – Behind The Scenes

The all-new Audi A7 makes a bold design statement with its progressive exterior lines and innovative design process. Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the car’s striking style with Audi designer Achim-D Badstübner Achim-D Badstübner and then tell us what you like best about the new Audi A7. For some more information on the A7 read what Wiki has to say “The Audi A7 Sportback is an executive-class five-door coupe automobile produced by Audi. It was announced at the Pinakothek der Moderne art museum in Munich on 27 July 2010 and débuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The A7 was preceded by a concept car, the Audi Sportback concept shown at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. . The A7, which marks Audi’s return to the executive coupé market since the (C1) Audi 100 Coupe, shares its platform with the 4th generation (C7) Audi A6.”
Audi A7 Portland

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