Audi Accessory – Great Gift Idea

Mini auto flashlight. As stated in the new Audi Accessory Magazine, “the same superior clarity of Audi LED headlights has been captured in our mini auto flashlight.” This 5″ x 1″ x1″ flashlight is made of durable aluminum and is a great resource to have tucked away in your vehicle. The flashlight is also water and shock resistant, and not mention, it seconds as a saftey tool. If you look closely at it, one end of the flashlight is a tool for breaking window glass in time of emergency. Also, under the cap of is a tool to cut your seatbelt if so needed in an accident. So whether you are just looking for your ipod that slipped between the seat in the dark, or you are in need of using the emergency feature, this tool is perfect.
Picture Description
Audi flashlight tool part #AHP335
Picture Description
4 LED lights powered by 3 AAA batteries
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Flashlight tool separated into 2 pieces.
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Seatbelt cut away tool for emergencies.

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