Audi Air Force One

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Monday; to some, perhaps the most dreaded day of the week! We trust you all have had a great weekend full of interesting things to do; car shows to be taken in, cliffs to be jumped off, families to hang out with – and if you didn’t, well we have good news because next weekend is a perfect opportunity to try again!

Now getting back to what’s important on this lovely sunshiny day, is this fantastic picture of an impressive Audi RS4 looking like it’s getting ready to take on a fighter jet. Now we know Audi’s are all guts and glory – but we may have to deem this match up a bit one-sided. However, as Mondays go – if you feel like facing down a fighter jet is an accurate way to describe your thrill for the start of another week – then we know exactly what you’re taking about. No matter what, make it a good one!
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Bling, blang low Audi
Audi R8, Dust in the wind…