Audi and Celebrities // Audi Driving Experience

For the most part celebrities and pro athletes have always had the good fortune to drive nice cars and the car they drive is often a reflection of that car manufacturer in the market place (except for basketball players and Tahoe’s). Audi has become the car celebrities and the movie industry want to drive and recently pro athletes. We have to remember that this select group of people can afford to drive any vehicle they want and the car they drive represents them like everyone else. For a pro athlete, celebrity or actor to choose to drive an Audi is nice pat on the back, not to mention good press. Audi recently sponsored a pro soccer team and let them test the cars before taking delivery at the Audi Driving Experience in the snow, and the Audi’s performed flawlessly. We should all be proud of the Audi brand, especially if you own an Audi and if you don’t yet, make sure before getting your next car to see what Audi has to offer.

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