Audi Backup Camera Photography!

This weekend we had the task of taking a couple of cars to Salishan Resort for an event that was being held there – we managed to steal away a few minutes to head to the beach to take pictures of the cars we brought and enjoy the afternoon. We were grabbing some things from the back and I had gone back to get my phone and realized how cool this picture was from the Backup Camera!! I think we could start a whole new series of photos just from the view on this camera. We backed the car up in several different locations to capture some different views – but the sun made it a bit difficult to get any real good ones. And since I am not going to complain at all about sunshine on the Oregon Coast – this is the only picture we can share!!! If anyone else has any pics they’ve taken this way – please send them along. We are all about finding new ways to enjoy these fantastic vehicles!!! (Even if they are relatively unconventional!) Happy Monday.
Audi Backup Camera

Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 9.52.26 AM
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