Audi Beauty

Well it’s Friday again folks and it looks like it’s actually going to be a nice weekend for us here in Portland; meaning we are supposed to be getting some of that elusive sunshine!! We will believe it when we see it, but in the meantime we are not wasting any time crossing our fingers for it! If you are lucky enough to already have some sunshine and warm weather in your neck of the woods, then this Audi picture likely won’t mean much to you – but for us, the fog clearing and the rain drying from the ground is a pretty fantastic sight since we still have our heaters on this morning! We would like all that rain and grey sky to be a distant memory and we think Friday is the best way to do that! So do what you have to to get out early and hit the road in search of the sun – we will be right behind you!! Enjoy your weekend and happy Cinco de Mayo!!!
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B5 Audi RS4 Avant Sickness
Audi RS4 Perfectiion