Audi, BMW, Mercedes & VW Diesel Sales Comparison

The diesel-centric website The Diesel Driver has put together an deep analysis on the U.S. diesel sales in 2010. According to them, diesel sales have doubled last year with the highest point of the year being registered in August at 37 percent. The reports says 31% of BMW drivers chose a diesel in Q4 as well as throughout the year. In January, 26% chose a diesel and 36% opted for diesel in April. Total diesel sales for BMW in 2010 were 11,727. The top selling diesel model in the United States was the BMW X5 xDrive35d with 7,925 units. The second diesel offered here is the 335d which registered 3,802 units sold. In contrast, their gasoline counterparts came at 21,803 units for the X5 and 4,638 for the 335i. In May of last year, BMW announced plans to add two additional diesel models within the coming 12 months. Specific details were not disclosed.
Audi Diesel vs Mercedes Diesel vs BMW Diesel
At Audi, 48% of buyers chose a diesel in the fourth quarter as well as for the entire year. Total diesel sales were 6,941 units. Audi started off 2010 with 51% of buyers choosing a diesel
in January and ended the year with 46%. August was the high point for Audi diesel sales with 63% choosing a diesel. In the U.S., Audi sells two diesel models: A3 TDI and Q7 TDI. Both sales numbers are fairly balanced, 3,475 for the A3 and 3,466 for Q7.
Audi Diesel vs Mercedes Diesel vs BMW Diesel
11% of Mercedes buyers chose a diesel in January. June was the highwater mark with 17%. Fourth quarter sales were 16% and comparable model diesel sales for the year were 14%. Total diesel sales for 2010 were 7,440. The most sold MB diesel in the U.S. was the GL350 BlueTEC model, followed by the ML320/350 BlueTEC. The E-Class diesel sold 827 times.
Audi Diesel vs Mercedes Diesel vs BMW Diesel
Volkswagen, while not considered a premium automaker, the VW brand does exceptionally when it comes to diesel sales in the United States. Fourth quarter diesel sales were 35%, December sales were 32%, and the company closed the books on 2010 with comparable model diesel sales of 37%. Total diesel sales for 2010 were 51,769. The best selling diesel in the line-up was the Jetta Sedan TDI, 22,714 units, followed by the Jetta Sportwagen TDI with 21,201.
Audi Diesel vs Mercedes Diesel vs BMW Diesel
Source: Our friends at the BMW Blog

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