Audi, Bringing You Together Since 1909 #AudiMe

We get pictures every week of people and their Audi’s, pictures of road-trip’s, weekend drives, a night out on the town or just an Audi pared in the driveway. We know Audi is a strong brand and we understand why… “Audi brings you together” and has been doing so since it was founded in 1909. People use their Audi’s for many of the same thing they did over 100 years ago, motorsports, getaways and to get them where they need to go – however we spend more time in our Audi’s then ever before. from now on we would love for you to share your pictures with us on twitter # AudiMe for everyone to see. We would love to see pictures of your Audi, no matter the make or model, parked, driving, with you in the picture or not. Simply #AudiMe and add the picture with a quick note, we can’t wait!

Audi iPod / iPhone “Plus” Cable – Red Grommet
I Am Audi Girl!