Audi Canada – Where Are You?!

Thanks to Auto123 cultivating some information from leading car manufacturers presence on social media sites like Facebook – we are able to get a clear picture of who is leading the race on capturing the attention of the masses out there in the world of online presence of our friends to the North. It looks like Volkswagen Canada is leading the way by somewhat of a landslide amongst its competitors while Audi USA takes the lead in the US. With so much of a social presence here in the US it really makes us wonder what happened to Audi Canada on that list – not even getting a mention! We did a bit of research ourselves and found that while Audi Canada does have a Facebook page, it has a miniscule audience of 59 Likes, compared to the staggering 4 Million Audi USA hit today. We just want to say that we hope Audi Canada has hired someone for that job because they have a lot of catching up to do! We don’t doubt for a second they can’t do it – just wondering why they are so late to the game. If we know anything about Audi, we know they like to lead so we’ll be waiting patiently for Audi Canada to show us what they have in the way of gaining social presence – perhaps they can take some advice from their Volkswagen ‘friends.’ Until then, we are happy being grateful for Audi USA’s spot at the top of social presence in this industry – great job! Click to check out Auto123’s poll and additional info.
Audi Canada

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