Audi + Cat City

We love Audi and while that does mean that we have near impeccable taste – it does not mean that we are always tasteful. We couldn’t help but pass up this incredibly strange, and by default, cool video and randomly weird picture for your viewing pleasure. We can’t be certain what it is really about or what the significance of 02.15.12 is – but there is an Audi in the background and that is a win, no matter how you look at it.
Besides that, the song is a catchy take on another song that you may or may not have heard and we pretty much guarantee you will have a hard time getting the beat out of your head. Happy hump day folks – bet you can’t say Meow ten times! Check these guys out on Twitter @
dannieriel & IFckingHateThat.
Cat City Audi R8

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