Audi China Changchun Plant

The Changchun site
Changchun is the capital of Jilin Province, in northeastern China, around one and a half hours by air from Beijing. Jilin covers an area of 187,400 square kilometers (72,356 square miles), making it around half the size of Germany, but accounts for only two percent of China’s land mass. Jilin is home to around 27 million people. Jilin Province is part of the heavy-industry belt in northeastern China. It shares a 232 kilometer (144 miles) border with Russia and a border of about 1,200 kilometers (746 miles) with North Korea. Alongside Han Chinese, Koreans and Mongolians represent the largest ethnic groups.

In 2009, Audi set a new sales record on the Chinese market, delivering some 158,941 vehicles to customers in China and Hong Kong. This represents an increase of 33 percent on the previous year and clearly confirms the brand with the four rings as the market leader in the premium segment with a market share of around 40 percent. In addition, China was AUDI AG’s second-largest sales market after Germany last year, making it the most important export market ahead of Great Britain and the United States. Read all the specifics here at Audi China Changchun Plant Details

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