Audi “Competition” Movie – By Audi France

Audi France presents a unique film directed by Olivier Megaton HD to mark the start of the French GT3 series. The film aims to highlight Audi racing activities with a focus on the Chmpionnate de France FFSA GT and also the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Le Mans Series and the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen-Masters) all together on a dedicated website.
Audi Competition Movie
Audi broadcast its first film short March 24, just days before the first race of the FFSA GT3 Championship at Nogaro (April 3-5). For the 47 second spot, Audi turned to Olivier Megaton, director of films like the Transporter 3. The trailer includes the slogan “the Competition runs in our veins” already used for campaigns surrounding Audi’s activities at Le Mans in 2008 and 2009. The short will be followed by a series of seven episodes throughout the season mainly focused on the French GT3 championship. Team Oreca will campaign two examples of the Audi R8 LMS in 2010 driven by David Hallyday and Stephane Ortelli.

Film Concept
The film communicates the sensations experienced by a driver just a few seconds before the start of a race. Through fast cuts, viewers can read the stress of the driver in his eyes and share in the concentration and motivation he then feels.

The eye of the driver is a real measure of his dexterity and agility. Drivers analyze their environment at a higher rate of speed, which makes vision essential in his or her success. It is a lens, a window into his emotions and the intensity of the moment on which the camera chooses to focus throughout the film.

The macro shots to the face, slowed and accelerated, are relayed with fast cuts to give the feeling of intensity and stress. The accompanied sounds of breathing and of the beating heart reflect that tension felt while at the wheel not just at the start but also during the race.

A Strong Focus
• Focus on the driver, not the machine.
• Focus macro on the helmet and in particular the eye of the driver.
• Bias of achievement: macro shots of eyes and other parts face reveals that the helmet.
• Audio: sound effects very driven to materialize the feelings of the driver (dilated pupils, pounding heart of the pilot tracking camera movement, shortness of time apnea, etc …) and the atmosphere at the time of departure.

The film will air in over 500 French movie theaters beginning March 24.

Audi Competition
This trailer presents Audi’s racing activities which will be highlighted on a dedicated websiteé . The website will continue to provide news about the Audi R8 LMS in the FFSA GT3 series and also the Audi R15 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Le Mans Series and the Audi A4 in the DTM throughout the year.

Film Facts
Title: “Competition”
Agency: Fred & Farid PARIS
Advertiser: AUDI FRANCE
Managers advertiser: Bruno Gisquet David Dargaud, David Piperaud
Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Fred & Farid
Art Directors: Feng Huang, Eric Landowski
Responsible Agency: Fred & Farid, Daniel Dormeyer, François-Xavier de Seze
Director: Olivier Megaton
Cinematographer: Roman Lacourbe
Production: Mezzanine
Producer: Jerome Lateur
Senior Production: Mehdi Sayah
Postproduction: Clara Vincienne
VFX / Special Effects: Mac Guff / Rodolphe Chabrier
Editor: Camille Delamarre
Music / sound design: Frédéric DuboisActeur: Adrian

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