Audi Cup 2009 – As Exciting As Motor-Sport!

The more I watch soccer (football) the more I fall in love with this sport. I figure the rest of the world must know something I don’t. My wife and I have been hockey fans forever, go Canucks! and basketball is our favorite because it gets us out of the rainy Oregon weather that is just around the corner. The Portland Trail Blazers have a real chance of taking it all the way this season and we will be there every step of the way. Although Channing Frey isn’t with us under the bright lights of the colosseum this year, we wish him luck with the Suns. I want to thank Benjamin Diggles of the world famous Mr. Diggles Dot Com for such amazing web designs, and helping us with the pursuit of our passions. If you have a favorite Soccer team give me a reason to follow them because I am lost with this game and need some direction. Thanks again for following I Am Audi and keep reading.

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Thank You Audi & Thank You Sunset Imports