Audi Mileage Marathon – The World’s Cleanest Diesel

Picture Description On September 5th Audi launched its return of diesel powered vehicles into the United States with a 4,800 mile tour across the country with 23 TDI powered cars from 4 diffrent model lines. The Real World Tour began in New York City and will end in Los Angeles California on September 20th with an estimeted time of 15 days. This cross country tour will be proof of Audi Diesel performance, efficency and ultra low emission capabilities and a true testiment to Audi reliability. With this endurance race underway Audi will have the ground work laid in the United States for one of its most successful world wide segments, diesel power. If you have any questions regarding the Audi Diesel contact me in person (Scott Mitchell) at Sunset Imports

Audi L.E.D. Lighting Technology
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