Audi Dogs – Do You Have An Audi Dog?

What could be better than a nice sunny day and two great looking dogs hanging out in their Audi convertible!? Some people really don’t like their dogs to have free reign in their cars, but these dogs don’t fall in that category. They are loving their drivers seat positions! Our dog as well gets to dwell in the front seat and will generally share the seat with whoever is in the passenger side. Try as we might we can never convince him to sit on his “car-bed” in the back for whatever journey we have embarked on. How many people let their dogs rule the roost when it comes to their cars? We all know that dogs are generally the ones that rule most things and we are just along for the ride! Have a great weekend and remember no Audi Dog Gate allowed!
Audi Dog

Ultra Low Audi A4 Avant // Ultra Sexy!!!
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