Audi + Facebook and The S5 SE (Special Edition)

Everyone knows how much we love Facebook , and all the various other social outlets for that matter, but it looks as though the auto industry’s big names are finally catching the value of it as well. Audi, who is ranked among the highest in social influence in their field, has continued using the social tool as a way of sending out information on its latest projects, not previously released. It is a solid strategy we think, and though not the first time Audi has used Facebook as a way of capturing information from its most loyal of followers, this time it involved information pertaining to the model change of the S5 for 2013. The automaker, on Facebook , released a tease stating it would make available a Special Edition V8 S5 this year to ‘loyalists’ of the previous generation model. We love their approach to getting the word out there and have no doubt most everyone who wants to stay in this very fast paced information age will follow suit in getting their latest endeavors out to mass market – pronto! We have to hand it to Audi though – we love your thinking! Have a great day and for more information check out this article, and of course, Facebook.
Audi Facebook
Audi Facebook

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