Audi iPhone: Everything In The Palm Of Your Hand!

If you happen to take part in an auto show this year that involves Audi – you will notice something very different from everyone else. Audi has teamed up with Digital Collateral , a technology company with a very unique platform, that enables customers to have all the information of various models sent right to their cell phone or computer with the use of a scanned bar code. Audi launched this program at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week.

The initiative is expected to reduce the use of paper and printed materials up to 90% this season alone. Customers will like it because the information is clearly handy as we all almost always on our cell phones these days! But also because there is no preregistration required and the service is complimentary. Fear not if you don’t have a smart phone either – the platform can be used by anyone who can send a text message from their phone. “Audi has always sought to deliver a superior experience through superior technology. Digital Collateral’s software allows us to reach more consumers more efficiently, while simultaneously reducing the costs and environmental impact associated with delivering the information our customers want,” said Scott Keogh, Chief Marketing Officer, Audi of America. Audi is always aimed at delivering an exceptional experience as well as being extremely eco-conscious – looks like they have attained both with this latest venture. Read the article Here at PRnewswire for more detailed information on the launch and where you can expect to find it. Enjoy!
Audi iPod & iPad

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