Audi iPod / iPhone “Plus” Cable – Red Grommet

So we’re at it again, we found a new new Audi accessory but to be completely honest an I Am Audi Twitter follower actually pointed us in the direction. One of the #1 most requested options and Audi Accessories is an iPod adapter, so it is no wonder that the Audi iPod Cable is as requested as it is, especially when it offers new capabilities. The new Red Audi iPod Cable offers many new functions as stated by Audi – “Adapter wire “plus” with Apple license chip for iPod/iPhone. Thanks to the Apple license chip, the iPod/iPhone adapter wire “plus” offers the following additional functions.”

-CoverArt (display of covers stored on iPod/iPhone)
– Browsing within iPod/iPhone video content
– Playback of videos, films, video podcasts, music videos

“Availability of the above functions depends on the vehicle and iPod/iPhone. For additional information on these functions as well as Audi-approved types and software statuses, visit:” Suprisingly the New iPod Plus cable does not make mention of any Bluetooth Streaming capabilities, that is a bit of a shame. Disclaimer: We’ve attempted to establish connectivity with this cable on both a 3G MMI Plus navigation system as well as a 2012 A6 with no luck, so it appears an update may be needed or this cable is not compatible for US spec cars.

Audi iPod Cable Red Grommet
Audi iPod Cable Red Grommet
Audi iPod Cable Red Grommet
Audi iPod Cable Red Grommet

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