Audi On Everything // Brands Of The World

Personally I always like to represent the Audi Brand and for some reason I can’t help myself when it comes to the four rings. Now I try to always wear genuine Audi attire however sometimes I wish I had some Audi gear with vintage logo’s or a specific model logo like the Audi S3. A company was brought to my attention today by Mr. Diggles and its called Brands Of The World . This is a website that solely finds logos then recreates them for distribution on what ever it is you want, and they have a lot of Audi logo’s. Like I said i always try to get Genuine Audi atire but for the times its not out there I will have a place to go. Check out just a few examples below.
Audi Logo
Audi Logo

Audi A5 Diesel // Sex Sells But So Does Shock.
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