Audi on the Beach in Thailand

As you all know I am Audi has been traveling in Asia for the last couple of weeks. We had a fantastic time and have many adventures to share but thought we would share this first picture because it is clearly one of our favorites! Pretty hard to tell why! We didn’t have the opportunity to see many Audi’s in the land of the Toyota Helux and Tuk Tuk’s but this man quickly became one of our favorites, and for obvious reasons! Not only did he freshly cut delicious pineapple right before our eyes everyday on the beach for only pennies – he had no idea about Audi and was just content with the fact that he rocked that hat! We tried to explain our love for the brand that he sported so well – but he just insisted on more pineapple and fresh roasted corn.

Things are sure simple elsewhere in the world. Of course when you’re lying on the beach with Mai Tai’s everything seems pretty easy to deal with, but one thing is for certain; our love for this brand runs deep and no matter where we are in the world, we will always jump to our feet for anything that is Audi – drink in hand or not!! Enjoy – and if you have any far away Audi pics to share, please do!
Audi on the beach
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Just a Girl and an Audi
Audi Rally Getting Dirty!