Audi President Johan de Nysschen + Me

This was a very proud time in my life. Meeting the President of Audi America, Johan de Nysschen was a special moment for me for many reasons. When Johan spoke about Audi or the future of the Brand he did it with real conviction and integrity, he spoke in a way that showed he really believed in all of our efforts. When Johan and I spoke he listened and was attentive and at the same time provided feedback on everything going on at a dealer level. However I think what I really like about this picture is that Johan is smiling, to me that is rad. If the president of Audi ever sees this picture I am sure he will say “I don’t remember any of that” that’s alright though because if he see’s this picture it means he was on I Am Audi and that is a huge Win!!! P.S. Johan if you find your way here please leave a comment, my friends will never believe me.
Audi President Johan de Nysschen

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