Audi Putting It Down! – North West Rally 2010

A great friend of mine, Caleb Booth is super passionate about film and photography and shares his passion on his website Live For Video. I have really surrounded myself with people who are not only very good at what they do but love doing what they do. Caleb sent me this picture he took of an Audi at the North West Rally last week at Portland International Raceway in Portland Oregon, just on the boarder of Washington. I added some pictures he took of Subaru’s as well because I have a tremendous amount of respect for there rally capabilities right out of the box. Great work Caleb, we need to get some cars together and do some really sexy Shoots!

Caleb – “These are pics taken at the first stage of the Oregon Trail Rally @ PIR Raceway, Portland on Friday the 14th. I took them with a Canon 7D, 28-135mm lens, forgot my lens hood, which is why some pics have sun flares in them (grrr), and I can actually give you all the camera settings I used if you want, probably not that important though”
Caleb Booth Photography
Caleb Booth Photography
Caleb Booth Photography

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What Is The Audi Sound?
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Audi A1- The Next Big Thing Movie #4