Audi Q5 Hybrid quattro

Designed to appeal to eco-conscious families, the Audi Q5 crossover features a parallel Hybrid system which consists of a 2.0-liter TFSI petrol engine and an electric motor. The four-cylinder produces 208 horse power and 258 ft. pounds of torque, while the electric motor contributes 44 horse power nd 156 ft. pounds of torque. All told, the system has a combined output of 241 horse power and 354 ft. pounds of torque. This allows the Q5 to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 7.1 seconds and hit a top speed of 138 mph. More importantly, fuel consumption in the normal cycle (NEDC) is less than 34 US mpg and CO2 emissions are under 100 grams per mile.

To get these impressive figures, the Q5 Hybrid has a 84 lb lithium-ion battery which stores 39 kW of energy. When stopped, in traffic, all drive systems are deactivated. As soon as the brake is released, the electric motor powers the vehicle at speeds up to 62 mph. Furthermore, it’s possible to travel up to 1.86 miles on electricity alone at speeds up to 37.28 mph. With the future huge success of the Q5 Hybrid expect more Audi Hybrid Vehicles in the future.
Audi Q5 Hybrid Drivetrain

Source: World Car Fans

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