Audi Q5 – “Schools Out Commercial” & “Nightmare Commercial”

It has never been Audis style to go after other brands with advertising. In fact, it has never really been Audis style to advertise period. However, this year is different, and the new Audi product is different. Right now Audi is running some great commercials; the first is called “Q5 Schools Out” and the second is called “Q5 Nightmare.” Both of these commercials are advertisements for the the new Q5. The funny thing is that both spots depict the Lexus product as a vehicle of over abundance, which is true; it seems like everyone has one. More importantly Lexus and Audi have never been direct competitors and if you have ever driven both the Lexus RX and the Audi Q5 you would know why. So here they are, the new advertisements by Audi… Enjoy!

Audi Q5 “Schools Out” Commercial

Audi Q5 “Nightmare” Commercial

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