Audi Q7 Test Drive Turns To Grand Theft Auto

Don’t ask me were we found This Post , all I know is that we found it! A man test drove a high-end while Audi Q7 car worth Rs80 lakh and liked it so much that he took it with him. He left behind perplexed showroom employees who are staring at a loss of Rs80 lakh. The man had come to the car showroom as a prospective buyer. As is the norm, the showroom gave him a car for a test drive and had one of their sales executive accompany him. The man then drove with the employee for some time before forcing him to get out of the car. He then escaped with the vehicle. The showroom employees are clueless about the prospective customer and so are the police. According to Vastrapur police, on Thursday between 12:30 and 12:45 pm a man who called himself Bhavesh Kabra came to the Audi showroom ‘Currish’ located at Rudraprashtha Complex near Rajpath Club, SG Highway. Kabra had visited the showroom last month as well. After initial inquiries, Kabra and the sales executive Chandrak Desai went for a test drive in the Audi Q7 near Science City, Bhadaj village.”Here, Kabra pretended to check the seats and asked the executive to see if there was some problem with the car’s rear.

As the executive stepped out of the car to check the same, Kabra zoomed off,” said SB Trivedi, police inspector Vastrapur. He said that police are trying to get a sketch of the man to locate him. Incidentally, the showroom doesn’t have any CCTV camera. According to Samir Mistry, owner of the showroom, the car had 90 liter of diesel in the fuel tank. The car can run at 250 km/ph. Showroom officials said that the man had visited the showroom around a month ago to inquire about the car. He had reportedly come alone without any vehicle. The police said that they have come to know that the car was seen at the Himmatnagar toll naka. It should be noted that the showroom employees didn’t even ask for the driving license of the man which they are supposed to do.
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