Audi Q7

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Audi Q7
Audi’s first Sport utility vehicle, the Q7, was released in 2006 and had been criticized for being late to the game in the world of SUV’s. I couldn’t disagree more.
The Audi Q7 amplifies all the things we look for in a well versed Sports Utility Vehicle. Available in either the 4.2 ltr V8 or the 3.6 ltr V6 engine, the Q7 is well equipped to handle what ever challenge we put it up to on a daily basis. Knowing the Q7 was never intended to be submerged in the swamps of the everglades, it has been well prepared for our daily routine.
The Q7 has been awarded with the top safety pick from the IIHS. With 6 airbags and 5 star front and side crash ratings, safety is never a question.
Driving the Q7 feels more like driving a car then a SUV. With its rigid chassis and firm suspension you are well anchored to the ground at highway speeds and through tight corners. In the city the Q7 is easy to navigate. With its open cabin and rear view camera, parking in a tight spot is made easy. If you are considering your next SUV, think about the Q7 and all that it offers.
When looking, what you will find, is safety, practicality and true usable versatility in the well designed Audi Q7.
As for being late to the game, I believe the Audi Q7 is right on time, with the prefect balance of Sports Utility and performance.

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