Audi Quattro A7, RS5, S3, A1 – Snow Day!!!

Audi of America say’s on their Youtube page “At a test track in Montreal, Canada, journalists were given the opportunity to test drive various Audi quattro models on an icy road course. The technology behind Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive allows for great handling in tough conditions.” This video put a big smile on my face knowing Audi took the time to invite journalists out to experience the cars in these snowy conditions proving quattro’s capabilities in any condition. The next time Audi puts an event like this on I hope to make it out and share my impressions with everyone, what an experience it would be. Happy Monday everyone and make it an awesome week!
Audi A7, RS5 Snow Drift

Audi Twitter #ProgressIs From Work!
Audi Auto Show Time Lapse