Audi quattro Solitary Confinement

Happy Hump Day Everyone!! I know we’ve likely said this before, but we love hump day. There are obvious reasons for that, which we will leave to your imaginations, but amongst other things, hump day has us dreaming of vacationing possibilities. While we did have a great holiday planned, it came to a screeching halt last week when we were forced to cancel it so consequently we are left feeling a bit confined. Not unlike this old school Audi Quattro kicking it by itself in what could only be a dungeon-like parking lot somewhere in the world. So, while we are dreaming of our vacation that never was – we hope you are enjoying your hump day in your very own part of the world, dreaming as well. After all, sometimes, it’s the only escape we have.
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Audi A7 Lowering what it is
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Audi… Whats up Dog?