Audi R15 TDI

AUDI AG is the world’s first automobile manufacturer to develop a “second” generation diesel racecar. Audi has build off their hugely successful R10 and developed their new R15 TDI, in preparation for the famous 24 hours of Le Mans race in France.
The Life of the R15 TDI comes from a newly developed and highly efficient V10 TDI engine producing more than 600 horsepower and a huge amount of tourque. This additional power can be attributed to the new diesel technology. From the physical weight, aerodynamics, fuel consumption, CO2 emmisions and power output, the new Audi R15 is greatly improved over the V12 R10. With all of these improvements and the updated turbo charging system, it goes without saying that the R15 is quicker then then the previous generation racecar.

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