Audi R8, Dust in the wind…

Well we’ve seen the end to another glorious weekend and we hope you all have made the very best of it. We certainly have and have also enjoyed every last single drop of sunshine we’ve had over the last almost three weeks. We can’t really even put into words how great a summer we have had, and though very hopeful for more sunny days, we know it’s soon coming to an end and we want to spend the last few weeks of it seeking out the sun in the best way we know how – racing around in Audi’s of course! We know you feel the same way and that’s why we love you guys all so very much and are so thankful for your continued support. We ask that everyone be especially thankful this week because this weekend we were reminded just how short life really is, and that nothing is more important than living each moment to the fullest. Have a great week everyone and feel free to share with us how you make the most of your days – we are always interested.
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Audi Air Force One
Audi A5… The wheels on the bus