Audi R8 Exhaust // “The Devil is in the details”

Quoting one of my longtime readers and good friends, Mr. Diggles “The Devil is in the details” and how right he is. We anxiously anticipated the 4.2L V8 R8 and we loved it, then of course we got the 5.2L V10 R8 and it has stayed true with its design. Audi does such an amazing job when it comes to the fine details, they don’t stop with perfection. If you were not an Audi aficionado you would probably not be able to distinguish the V8 R8 from the V10 R8, don’t feel bad, other then the badge they are very similar. One of the easiest ways, besides the wheels and side blade to differentiate the two R8’s are the exhaust pipes. On the V8 R8 you will have a quad exhaust system with side by side tips, on the V10 R8 you will have 2 single oval pipes; the oval pipes are synonymous with Audi performance.
V10 5.2L R8 Exhaust Tip
V8 4.2L R8 Exhaust Tip

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