Audi R8 GT Posting Up

At long last it is Friday again friends! Though it technically isn’t Friday for us, we still are very much attached to Fridays and would love nothing more than to skip out of work early, catch the last little bits of sun before the rain starts, yet again, and take this bad ass Audi R8 for a spin – anywhere that would have us! We know we’re not along in this dream of ours, but sometimes it feels like it’s just that little bit too far out of reach. Anyone else feel this way?! Well before all those weekend chores start to set into place and you find yourself mowing the lawn, or cleaning the garage, or any other task that might seem daunting right now – take a deep breath and imagine yourself ready to hit the track, full tilt, leaning into the curves with this machine under your seat; we guarantee it won’t be so bad then! Enjoy your weekend – let’s hope for some sunshine to melt away the week!!
Red Audi R8 GT /></a><br />
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Audi’s Lady In Red
Audi Girl + Four Ring Tattoo