Audi R8 LMS

Any car enthusiast dreams of racing. It is part of what makes automobiles so much fun. The thrill of speed; the moment you get excited about acceleration and the uncontrollable smile that comes across your face when you press the gas pedal. This feeling can be felt while just driving through windy roads on the way to work or crusing down the 101 on vaction… but what if you could get that same feeling by just looking at a car?
When I first saw the 2009 R8 LMS I was put back and in total “aww.” Audi had created the perfect machine for excitement. They have taken the already amazing mid engine R8 and given it a defined purpose, racing. Though the price tag may be heavy, so is the 500 horsepower and to many, there is no price tag on true performance. The pictures we have seen of the 2009 R8 LMS are beautiful, but the sound and vision of this machine in action can only be expressed with video.
Picture Description

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