Audi Rally Puddle Jumping!

Good Morning Everyone!!! Few things instill such glee as a child stomping around in puddles letting the mud fly all around. It’s a careless feeling most of us can’t ever remember having, and yet try daily to take pieces of that early wonder back whenever we have a chance. Pretty sure that if you are a rally car driver, or some other form of race car driver, professional athlete or movie star you have a better notion of what it is we are talking about, but for most of us that carefree joy is hard to come by and for that reason, we are sharing this amazing old school Audi rally pic with you in hopes it may capture some of that child-like wonder from long, long ago. We can’t say it will work for sure, but what we can say is that given the chance – we too would be blasting around in puddles leaving only dirt trails behind. Have a great day!
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Audi… Whats up Dog?
Audi Kickin’ It.