Audi RS4 Avant in the Bends

Another day in paradise here in Portland, OR! We honestly can’t believe the run of sunshine we have had – makes us want to hit the road and take advantage of such a great stretch of lovely days! Anyone else feel the need to hit the road? Of course, we realize that for a few more hours, (26.5 to be exact – but who’s counting?) we are still a slave to our normal weekly existence… but after that… the world is our oyster!! And we will be doing what any other snow loving, Audi driving enthusiast will be doing when that time comes – hitting the mountain!! This RS4 Avant has got a slight lead on us, but we’re not worried. There’s plenty of road for all of us. Enjoy your Thursday everyone; we are just one evening away from our favorite day of the week!
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Audi S8 Front and Center
Audi RS6 Avant Ready for Anything!